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About Mbizo Consulting & Tours

Rob Burrett
Rob Burrett

From as far back as remembered, we have been captivated by the diverse natural and social heritage around us, questioning historical stereotypes and monolithic interpretations.

For Rob it was walks with his late grandfather which were a founding moment as they would chat about all that they saw around them, and the history of the very lands they crossed.

For Teresa it was a very different story, growing up in a marginalised community within Rhodesian society. Their family story was one of loss and rejection, but also strength and a sense of identity.

For both of us along our different paths we have developed a deep appreciation for the African spirit and the environment where this has manifested itself.

In response to this passion we established Mbizo Consultancy to offer professional heritage and environmental services.

How Mbizo Started

Rob initially taught at several Zimbabwean schools, as well as at two of our local universities. After two decades of the classroom it was necessary to escape the rigours of the chalkboard and he took up independent consultancy in 2004.

Since then, both independently and as a member of a bigger team, he has been involved in numerous environmental impact assessments and has driven, or been involved in, several “green projects” aimed at improving our interface with nature through sustainable utilisation.

A financial professional, Teresa has found herself gradually drawn into some of these projects bringing in an independent, rational point of view.

Our Passion

We believe that it is important to appreciate that static preservation is a romantic ideal that few developed countries can achieve, to say nothing of the realities of most developing countries in Africa where social ills and poverty remain prevalent.

It is our underlying principle that nature can only be appreciated and preserved through wise utilisation and oversight.

In this we hope to play our part.

Our Work

We are actively in the heritage sector, being a member of several professional and voluntary societies and institutions.

Currently we are regularly called upon to assist:

  • National Museums & Monuments of Zimbabwe
  • National Trust of Zimbabwe
  • National Railways of Zimbabwe Railway Museum (Bulawayo)

Rob is presently an Associate Researcher with the Natural History Museum in Bulawayo and chairman of the Bulawayo Historical Buildings Advisory Committee.

Previously he has occupied various positions on the committees of a number of amateur and academic societies in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Heritage Publications

We edit a series of popular heritage booklets under the title Khami Press.

Aimed at both local and international visitors, they provide a simplified synopsis of the social and natural heritage in select areas in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Future booklets will expand our coverage further.

Heritage Exploration

Always willing to go exploring, we have been privileged to see the wonders of:

  • Our region’s rock art
  • Sites of social and religious significance
  • Its ancient archaeology
  • Recent battle sites associated with the colonial and post-colonial conflicts that have torn at the very soul of Africa

This interest in heritage studies has fostered an appreciation of ‘the other”; communities with different histories and perceptions to those of our own upbringing.

We all need to listen for a while, to experience the other as it helps us to understand ourselves and our beliefs.

Africa is a great place to achieve this given its rich tapestry of art, religion, power and, sadly, blood.

It gives us a glimpse of humanity and ourselves within it.

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