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We offer a variety of heritage services including research and publication; specialised heritage tours; illustrated heritage talks; and relevant training for existing and new operators in the tourism sector.

Heritage Research & Presentation

We undertake archival research for individuals, students, embassies and companies seeking additional information on persons/families, corporate histories and background information for collectors of medals, stamps and postcards.

Some of these reports have been subsequently compiled into published booklets on the client’s request, or were compiled as poster exhibitions displayed at local embassies or other cultural venues.

Who We Have Done Research For

PPC Cement Factory

PPC Cement Factory

Recently we have assisted in compiling the corporate history of Zimbabwe’s oldest cement manufacturing plant and are currently working on two other histories for other firms.

We have assisted several philatelists and medal collectors to gather background information for some of the prizes of their hobby.

While we have assisted in researching several family histories, this is not really our speciality.

However, when it comes to tracking down old homesteads and graves we are regularly called upon to assist. Many of these sites are remote, usually forgotten and often unmarked as far as a memorial.

Over the years we have assisted several families and the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe to relocate and mark the graves of distant ancestors, in both blood and spirit.

We are also regularly called upon to assist overseas authors seeking additional material or wanting to tour the actual on-the-ground locations of the subject of their research. This has required extensive travels throughout Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Not all of the places they ask to see still exist so we try where possible to get to the actual historical sites, or at least as near to them as possible. These are always most enjoyable as competing ideas and national/personal perceptions are debated while en-route.

Heritage Presentations and Displays

We are often called upon to assist in the creation of local site museums and heritage plans for several national heritage centres in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Lesotho, as well as for private sector operators.

This included the visualisation of relevant structures and displays; the laying out of heritage trails; and the formulation of legal structures designed to protect and enhance these places as areas of public interest, while preserving community values and sacred associations.

In recent years we have worked on heritage trails and/or site museums at:

  • Domboshava (Harare)
  • Jafuta Centre (Victoria Falls)
  • Khami World Heritage Site
  • Mwandi Kuta (Zambia)
  • Botha-Buthe (Lesotho)

Following the last named project – we were asked to return to Lesotho to participate in a forum discussing the creation of a national heritage policy for the mountain kingdom.

Should you have any request please feel free to contact us and we will see where we can assist.

Heritage Tours, Talks and Training - What we Offer

David Livingstone

David Livingstone

Working with strategic partners in the hospitality and safari business, we can tailor-make specialised tours with any combination of natural and social attractions.

For as little as half a day let us, as your hosts, share with you the great heritage of the African continent.

Tell us your interests and the time you have available and we will put together something to suit your needs.

Alternatively you may find that you have time to fill during an otherwise busy itinerary. You may wish to fill this with an illustrated talk on some relevant heritage topic.

We have a wide repertoire of talks which focus on various areas and themes, be it a regional synopsis of places such as the Matobo Hills, Victoria Falls, or Nyanga; or maybe a national history as an introduction to foreign clients.

Alternatively we can do more specific themes such as:
  • The development of the railways in south Central Africa
  • Specific heritage sites such as Khami and Great Zimbabwe
  • Heritage icons like the Victoria Falls Bridge and Victoria Falls Hotel

We have presented many talks to both foreign visitors, as well as local people interested in the diverse heritage of our region. Recently this has included:

  • The Anglo-South African (Anglo-Boer) War in Rhodesia
  • The opening of the Zeederberg Coach Route that linked Matabeleland to the Transvaal
  • The modern foundations of the Catholic Church in Botswana and Zimbabwe
  • Historical Trees around Bulawayo
  • The philatelic history of the Victoria Falls area
  • The life and times of David Livingstone

We also undertake on-site heritage training for existing safari operators and hotels.

It is important that front of house staff are empowered to give the right story to their guests. We will look into the heritage of the situation and design custom-made presentations to suit your needs.

This is usually a digital presentation, followed by on-the-ground investigations and discussions. Let’s find those unique historical quirks of your area/hotel which will enthral the visitor who feel that they have been let into some of the secrets.

Recently we have assisted several Victoria Falls and Livingstone operations to customise their hosting, while we look forward to working in the Hwange and Kasane districts in the near future.

Given the diverse nature of heritage in our region we are open to your thoughts as to what you would like to include.

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