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Some years ago we started Khami Press, an independent publishing unit aimed at producing short heritage booklets. It was our intention to bring to the general public current ideas as to the natural and social histories of various sites across Zimbabwe and more recently Zambia and Botswana. They include many historical and contemporary photographs and illustrations.

This is a self-funding project and money is often set aside to assist with various charities or heritage projects that we support. Most of the booklets are co-authored, a policy to encourage others in our regional museums and universities to venture into publishing for the general public.

Currently only available in hardcopy, these booklets can be ordered and posted to you. They can also be purchased from several outlets in Bulawayo, Harare, Nyanga, Victoria Falls, Livingstone and Lusaka. Alternatively await the downloadable versions of the publications, a process we are currently finalising. Email us on for more details.

Those booklets currently available are listed below. Several other titles are in production so the geographical extent will spread. It is just a matter of time for us to get back to these places to check the current state of places and monuments we describe.

Hillside Dams Conservancy Bulawayo

Hillside Dams Conservancy Bulawayo

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Golden Gatooma

Golden Gatooma: A Scrapbook of historical images of Kadoma

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Sowing The Word

Sowing the Word: from the Zambesi Mission to the Archdiocese of Bulawayo

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Memories of Victoria Falls

Memories of Victoria Falls: Historical photographs taken by Colonel Frank Rhodes, 1903-1905

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David Livingsone's African Odyssey

David Livingstone’s African Odyssey

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Shongwe: the rich heritage of Livingstone and Victoria Falls

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Nyanga's Rich Heritage

Nyanga’s Rich Heritage

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Masvingo Memories

Masvingo Memories (including Great Zimbabwe)

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Khami: capital of the Torwa/Butua State

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Our Railway Heritage

Our Railway Heritage: historical locomotives, coaches and other relics of the National Railways of Zimbabwe Museum, Bulawayo

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Iron Spine and Ribs

Ironspine & Ribs: a brief history of the foundation of the railways of Zimbabwe and Zambia

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Bulawayo Memories

Bulawayo Memories

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Our Bulawayo Heritage

Our Bulawayo Heritage

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The Matobo Hills

The Matobo Hills: Zimbabwe’s Sacred Landscape

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Booklets Out of Print

There are several booklets that are out of print and which will not be reprinted, except perhaps in a new enlarged format. Some of them have already been superseded, and you might be lucky enough to get a secondhand copy online.

These titles include: Madzimbahwe of the southwest: an introduction to Khami, Dhlo Dhlo & Nalatale [co-authored with P. Hubbard]; Matopos: a brief guide [co-authored with P. Hubbard]; Malindidzimu: a guide to the people and events associated with the “View of the World”, Matopos. [co-authored with T. Ranger, P. Hubbard & A. Chennells]; Experience Bulawayo: Our Home, Our Heritage [co-authored with C. Mhlanga]; Great Zimbabwe: spirits, stones and the soul of a nation [co-authored with P. Hubbard]; Building the Nation: the Centenary of PPC Zimbabwe.

Future Publications

While this list is not exhaustible we have in various stages of production similar heritage booklets which cover the diverse rock of Zimbabwe; the stone ruins of Central Zimbabwe; the heritage sites of Marondera [Marandellas] east of Harare; a general overview of the natural and social heritage of the Mutare area [Penhalonga, the City of Mutare and the Bvumba mountains]; and an overview of Hwange District including the National Park, coal fields and neighbouring communities.

Other topics and areas have been suggested to us and will be considered once these are published.

Educational Publications

Our Heritage The Rock Art of Zimbabwe

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Khami Press has also produced other booklets on behalf of several private sector companies seeking to record their history, as well as publications sponsored by various Harare-based embassies aimed at local primary school children. The latter is to be a central focus of our efforts over the next few years as there is a demand for current material for the teaching of the new Heritage Syllabus that has been introduced by the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education. At the bequest of the Ministry, these booklets provide  reading material written at a suitable level of English for instruction in the language.

The most recent publication, Our Heritage: the rock art of Zimbabwe, has been received with acclaim by both teachers and Ministry officials.

Sadly these educational booklets are not for sale, but have been distributed by the sponsors, in the case of the rock art booklet our sincere thanks go to the Embassy of France to Zimbabwe & Malawi.

Other Publications

In addition to the output of Khami Press we have produced a large number of academic and popular articles published in journals, magazines and newspapers across the globe. Currently we have published 116 papers covering a variety of heritage topics ranging from colonial history, archaeology, botany and geology. Over the last three years we have published articles that cover themes related to the Anglo-South African [Anglo-Boer] War; Colonial administration in South Africa; philatelic history; Rhodesian medal collections; Italian prisoners of war; the colonial acquisition of North-Western Rhodesia; and the experiences of Polish World War II refugees.

Unfortunately we have not kept a record of material put together for several popular magazines, web-based articles for tourism operators, and educational resource material for the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education. If we put our minds to it this list would more than quadruple the publications list.

We are always happy to assist others to put together their memoirs, family histories and photographic collections for publication or family records. Please feel free to contact us.

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