Masvingo Memories (including Great Zimbabwe)

This booklet builds on an earlier guidebook to Great Zimbabwe that is now out of print. In this new, expanded booklet we present a detailed discussion on the World Heritage Site of Great Zimbabwe, as well as sites of heritage interest in and around the nearby City of Masvingo (formally Fort Victoria). Several trails at Great Zimbabwe are described, giving the visitor a comprehensive overview of the origin and demise of Great Zimbabwe, while the use of its different areas and features are discussed. It is ideal for the visitor who wants to take their time exploring this unique site, the largest of the many madzimbahwe in the Zimbabwe and after which the modern state was named. In Masvingo the locations are given of several fascinating heritage sites including its early forts and cemeteries, several memorials to events and persons associated with the town and the beautiful Italian Prisoner of War church, the Chapel of Saint Francis of Assisi. A discussion on the various communities that make up the modern City and some of the major Christian missions that surround it are also covered.

Co-authored with M. Sagiya. 102 pages.

ISBN 9780797489516

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