Nyanga’s Rich Heritage

Produced in conjunction with the National Trust of Zimbabwe, this comprehensive booklet covers the rich natural and social heritage that exists on the high, mountainous plateau that is Nyanga on Zimbabwe’s eastern border. Waterfalls, mountains and the flora and fauna of the area are touched upon, while there is a detailed discussion of the unique archaeological signature of the area – the pit structures, forts, terracing and water furrows. The various hotels and missions of the Nyanga area are covered, as is more recent history tied to the Rhodesian Civil War of the 1970s. Written as two companion parts, the booklet provides a general synopsis of the area, while the second half is a description of the road and associated heritage from the town of Rusape up onto and beyond the villages of Juliasdale, Nyanga and Troutbeck.

Co-authored with EA. Logan. 104 pages.

ISBN 9780797497658

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