The Matobo Hills: Zimbabwe’s Sacred Landscape

This booklet provides a brief resume of the Matobo Hills, one of Zimbabwe’s World Heritage Sites which lies just south of Bulawayo. It covers the origin of the hills; its flora and fauna; its archaeology and rock art; and the histories of the various people who have lived, fought and died there. Many important heritage sites are mentioned and GPS locations given for those on self-drive explorations. This booklet is an invaluable guide to visiting some of the hill’s principle rock art sites – Bambata; Nanke; Nswatugi; Pomongwe; and Silozwane. It also covers those who lie at Malindidzimu (Worlds View) – Cecil John Rhodes; Leander Starr Jameson; Charles Coghlan and members of the ill-fated Shangani Patrol.

Co-authored with M. FitzPatrick & J, Dupree. 88 pages.

ISBN 9780797498082

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